Welcome to the official home away from home of Bigfoot.

Inside you will find information about upcoming events, some cool stories, and other assorted things – oh yeah, you will also be able some very cool Bigfoot memorabilia in just a short time. So keep your eyes open, and try to keep up with the Big guy.

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    • We are going to have some really terrific items available and I will try to get a list up here pretty quick. Right now I know for sure that we will have some very cool T shirts, some of Alex Evans Art, Arla Williams Drumming Cd’s, some Bigfoot Books, and some really funky Bigfoot memorabilia. It’s getting better and better every day and if you know of a company or individual that would make a great addition – send them on over, we would love to talk to them!

  1. My son bought my ticket on line for fathers day . Is Dr Jeff meldrum. Going to be there. I am so looking forward to this event

  2. I am not sure if Dr Meldrum will be there or not but we have a lot of folks coming in from all over – at last count six different states are represented! It’s going to be fun and I personally am looking forward to meeting everyone!

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